Last weekend, we had our first snowfall of the season. Mother Nature graced us with about 3 inches of beautiful white powder. The kids played for hours in it. They even shoveled most of the backyard so they could make a big pile of snow.

The temperatures have been warming up all week and most of the snow is gone now. However the “big” pile remains and tonight, the kids went outside after dinner and played with it. They think it is cool to be outside at dark with all the Christmas lights on. My son told me it was magical.

When the kids came in the house tonight after playing, it was too late before I realized their boots were covered in mud. There were 2 trails of mud foot prints all across the floor that of course I washed this afternoon.

I didn’t yell but my first words sounded pretty sad when I said “Oh. Look at all the mud.” My son sensed my frustration and just looked up with me with the sweetest smile and said “But mommy, we had so much fun.”

His reaction made me smile and washing the floor wasn’t so bad! There is so much us adults can learn from a child’s positive perspective.

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