My daughter and I went grocery shopping this afternoon. The cashier who checked us out  was probably the grouchiest cashier I have ever had. When I said “Good afternoon,” her response was “No it isn’t.” I said “Tough Day?”  Her response was a three minute tirade on how awful her job is, how she hurts and how life stinks. I felt bad for her but at the same time I was exhausted just listening to her. Her negative attitude was dragging me down. She continued to crab about pretty much everything. The bags were ripping. The oranges were too heavy. The bottles of pop didn’t fit in the bags well. The temperature was too cold. It was snowing out. This just went on and on.

I tried to just focus on my daughter and tune out the “Negative Nelly” comments but it was difficult. Another customer came in line behind us. She was whistling Christmas songs. She carried a nice tune and it was helping lift up my mood. The cashier turned to me and my daughter and loudly whispered “Isn’t that annoying?” in reference to the whistling.

My three year old daughter responded with “No, It is beautiful. Daddy whistles all the time and I love it. And it is Christmas songs. Santa is coming soon.” Well, this cashier just did not know what to say to a positive three year old. She sure didn’t expect this little one to disagree with her negative attitude. The cashier actually smiled, told my daughter she was right and didn’t say one more negative word. My daughter had “flipped the tables”  of the moment. How cool is that?

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