One evening last week, after I had worked all day and finally arrived home late with both kids, I rushed to get dinner ready so we could start the evening routine of homework, baths, stories, snacks, and bedtime. I had dinner all ready and about to go on the table when it started to rain fairly  hard outside.

The kids immediately ran to the door and through their giggling voices asked “Mommy, can we go play in the rain?”

My practical, tired side kicked in first and without any pausing, I snipped “No, I just finished dinner.”

They both looked sad and disappointed. That is when it hit me. Listen to your own advice Kris. Take a deep breath and think about this. So what if the food is a little cold? Will it really be that big of a deal? Won’t playing in the rain be a great break for the kids and make them smile?

So  I turned to them and said, “You know what? Who cares about a hot dinner? Go play in the rain and have fun!”

And so they did. They jumped in puddles, caught rain drops on their tongues, laughed, giggled, and had a wonderful time. Just watching them melted all of my stress from the day away. Watching them gave me a fresh ‘spective on the moment. Sometimes, we just have to have fun and jump in puddles.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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