In “Nip It” we talk about working to make your moments more positive through a variety of simple tactics. We discuss taking a negative situation and trying to make it positive. But, how do you handle fear in a moment? To me, fear isn’t necessarily bad nor is it necessarily good. It depends on the situation. Sometimes fear will help you or protect you, and other times it may hold you back.

When we first set out to write the book, it was very hard for me to tell someone(even close friends and family) I was writing a book. At first, I would get a pit in my stomach and sometimes I would not even bring it up. Why was that? I was afraid they might think I was crazy. After all, what gave me the right to write a book? I am a manager at a large corporation with an engineering background. I am a mother of two with no formal writing experience. Even though I am a very positive person, I let the fear of failure and rejection creep in, and cause self doubt in my abilities.

As I started to tell people, I found that everyone was supportive and encouraging. People thought it was cool and inspiring. Their ‘spectives of my new adventure was not at all what I expected. Their excitement made me realize admitting I was going to be an author wasn’t something to be afraid of, this was something to be proud of.

Now fast forward almost two years and now we have released the book. As part of our marketing effort,   we are reaching out to complete strangers to review the book and post their reviews on their websites, blogs, Amazon and Goodreads.

Last week, I received an email from our first reviewer, Leah Oviedo, a writer and self defense instructor from California. As soon as I realized her email had the text of her review, I felt terrified. What if she hated it? What if she thought we were crazy to write a book?  I instantly recognized the fear was similar to the fear I had when I told people I was going to write a book. This time, when I felt the pit in my stomach, I took a deep breath, paused, and reflected. It would be ok if she did not like the book. It is going to happen and I will welcome constructive criticism with an open mind. I then reminded myself of people who have reached out to us and told us how proud they were for us for publishing “Nip It.” I remembered a conversation with a friend who called me “an inspiration.” All of these memories of moments helped me get over the fear I was facing.

It turns out Leah liked the book and gave us a 4 star rating on Amazon and wrote up a nice review on her Blog. You can check out the review she did for us as well as all her other great stuff at:

This one fearful moment reminded me that being positive takes work and awareness every day. Before you can change your ‘spective of a situation, you have to recognize what is driving your feelings. What do you do when you feel fear in your gut? Do you let it drive your decisions or do you  take a moment to pause and reflect on a path forward that is free of fear?

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