DSC08146Last month, my fifteen year old plastic vegetable tray cracked and the top would no longer stay on. It had served me well over the years going to many parties with me and the family. I was thinking about all the goodies I had carried in it as I was tossing the tray into the recycling bin. My eight year old son interrupted my reminiscing and asked, “Why are you throwing that out?” I simply replied “It’s broken.” He was taken aback at my response and walked over to me and reached out his hand to take the tray.

“It isn’t broken to build a sand castle. It will make a really cool one with all kinds of rooms.” I gave it to him and he immediately went outside to the sandbox. Sure enough, my broken vegetable tray was capable of a cool sand castle. As I watched my son play in the sandbox, I thought to myself, when did I lose my out of the box thinking? Children see things from such a different ‘spective. Nothing holds them back and everything is possible to them.

It was refreshing to watch him play with something I was so quick to throw out. He reminded me that there are always at least two sides to every moment. In my moment, I was about to throw out a broken tray. In his moment, he was about to build cool sand castles. His moment was filled with much more positivity and excitement than my moment was!

Never forget, you have the power to view every situation from a different angle or ‘spective as we like to call it. Sometimes you may just need a little help from someone. (maybe even a little someone)

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