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Cherish the Moment




As I sat down to write a blog post tonight, I knew it had been a while, but I was shocked that it has been almost four months since I last blogged.

Where did the time go? As I reflected on what happened in the last four months, I was surprised at how much I could […]

Be Aware Challenge- Make Someone Smile Tomorrow!

Impacting People’s Lives… Moment by Moment

As I was pulling up to the ATM today, a woman with a big SUV cut right in front of me. I immediately got annoyed. There was no way she didn’t see me. She zoomed right in front of me and I had to slam on my brakes to […]

First Newspaper Article About “Nip It”

Thank you to the Community Papers of Western New York for featuring “Nip It” and Kris in three of their editions this week- The Sun- North Tonawanda,  The Sun- West Seneca and Elma and the City of Tonawanda Courier. This is the first time “Nip It” has made the newspaper!

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“Nip It” Wins a Silver Medal!

Last night, we found out that “Nip It” won a silver medal in 2014 Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards Contest. It was the first contest we entered and are thrilled that we placed second.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement during this journey!

You can see us listed in the self-help category:

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Is That All?

Putting Things in Perspective Makes a Big Difference!
 We registered my son in our town’s four-week summer day camp because they offered swim lessons each morning and multiple times during the day for open swim time. He’s not a strong swimmer and we wanted him to get a lot of pool time this summer to […]

Positivity is a Choice

Thank you to Donna from “More Than a Review” for posting my first Guest Blog post. It is titled “Positivity is a Choice.” An excerpt is as follows:

“Think about the most positive person you know. Do you think positivity is inherent in all they do or do you think they have to work at […]

A Vegetable Tray or a Sandbox Toy?

Last month, my fifteen year old plastic vegetable tray cracked and the top would no longer stay on. It had served me well over the years going to many parties with me and the family. I was thinking about all the goodies I had carried in it as I was tossing the tray into […]

Happy 4th of July!

We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday today!

Go Play in the Rain!


One evening last week, after I had worked all day and finally arrived home late with both kids, I rushed to get dinner ready so we could start the evening routine of homework, baths, stories, snacks, and bedtime. I had dinner all ready and about to go on the table when it started to […]

Moments of Fear

In “Nip It” we talk about working to make your moments more positive through a variety of simple tactics. We discuss taking a negative situation and trying to make it positive. But, how do you handle fear in a moment? To me, fear isn’t necessarily bad nor is it necessarily good. It depends on […]