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Happy Father’s Day!

To all of the dad’s out there-

We hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day!

You Make the World a More Beautiful Place

Every day is made up of a series of moments that contribute to you being positive or negative. You have the choice to make a difference in every moment in your life and in others’ lives.  It doesn’t have to be something large or grandiose. Sometimes, it is just the simple things that have […]

My Second Grade Visit

My son’s second grade teacher asked me to come into the classroom and share my perspective on publishing a book. She asked me to relate it to their work in the classroom. I am very comfortable speaking in front of adults but I do not have much experience with a room of eight year […]

Airport Frenzy

In our book, one of the first things we talk about is taking a moment before you react in any situation, especially a negative one. We suggest using that pause to take a deep breath and gather your thoughts to think about how you want to feel in the moment you are currently facing. […]

A Dog’s Point of View

Jeanie spends a lot of her free time volunteering for Hero Dogs, an organization that trains and places service dogs with injured and disabled Veterans. Brendan Biondi wrote  “Song My Dog Wrote” while he has been training a dog for Hero Dogs.

You can see the story about him and the song at this link:

The […]

A Mom ‘Spective

With Mother’s Day coming up this weekend, I thought it was a great time to post this quote from Nancy Friday:

“When I stopped seeing my mother with the eyes of a child, I saw the woman who helped me give birth to myself.”

What a great mom ‘spective!

A Proud Little Boy

When Jeanie and I started our book writing adventure, I knew it may influence my children, but I did not know to what extent. I was hoping it would be a good example for them and teach them if you set you mind to something and work hard, you can accomplish anything.

During the past […]

Nip It is Available on Amazon!

Big news today!  Our first book, “Nip It- Stop Negativity Moment by Moment” is now available on Amazon in Kindle format and paperback. We are waiting on the approval from iBooks to list there and are working on getting it to Barnes and Noble.

A summary of the book is as follows:

Every person’s life has […]

The Back Nine

My father recently forwarded me an email containing the following article. Dad suggested this was a great ‘spective on life via a golfer’s eyes. I did some research to find the original author but all I found was various forms of this re-posted throughout the internet. If anyone knows the original author, please let […]

Thank You For Being Nice To Me!

Do you ever think about how a conversation with a stranger can impact that person? Last week, I found out immediately what a complete stranger thought of my conversation with him.

I was at the gym and had just gotten on a bike. The gentleman next to me made a comment about my watch. He […]