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For Sale

My four year old daughter is just learning how to read. The other day, as we were driving down the road, she said “Mommy- I think that sign in front of that house says ‘for sale’.”  After I told her she was right, she asked me “How do you get it home?”

I thought we […]

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Cleaning Up the Fireworks

At the Field Day fireworks the other night, my four year old daughter turns to me and says “Mommy, How do they get up in the sky and clean it up after the fireworks?”

Often, kids remind us that there are always multiple ‘spectives on every situation.

Happy Father’s Day!

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The Best Part of a Baseball Game

Tonight, on the way home my son’s baseball game, I said to him “Nice game tonight. You did great with your batting. What was the highlight of the night for you?”

His answer was “the concession stand!”

His perspective on the best part of the game made me laugh out loud! It reminded me that there […]

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A ‘Spective on the Easter Bunny

Before Easter, my seven year old and I were in the car together.  As I was driving, he said to me:

“Mommy, what do you think about the Easter Bunny?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, do you really believe a bunny can deliver all the candy and baskets in one night by himself?”

My first thought was  “This […]

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Holiday Humor

To keep with the spirit of the holiday weekend, I wanted to share with you a cute joke my seven year old told me this week.

Q: Why Did the Easter Bunny cross the road?
A: To prove he wasn’t a chicken!

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that the Easter Bunny brings you lots […]

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A Funny Perspective on Getting Older

The other night, my three year old and I were talking about her growing up. I asked “What do you want to be when you get older?”

She replied “I am not going to get older.” When I asked her why, she simply stated “Because I do not want stinky feet!” That is definitely not a […]

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Being Cold Means Warm Hands

Children always seem to have such a fresh perspective on situations. The coldness of winter has hit here in Buffalo this week. Tonight it was 7 degrees outside. (not including the wind chill) My husband and three year old daughter had just come inside from a short walk home from Grandmas. (who lives next […]

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Puddle Jumping

My daughter and I went for a walk this afternoon. All the snow here has recently melted and there are many puddles around our house. She had her favorite rain boots on- her yellow ducky ones. As we were walking near a puddle, she looks up at me and says ‘Momma- Isn’t is great […]

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