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First Newspaper Article About “Nip It”

Thank you to the Community Papers of Western New York for featuring “Nip It” and Kris in three of their editions this week- The Sun- North Tonawanda,  The Sun- West Seneca and Elma and the City of Tonawanda Courier. This is the first time “Nip It” has made the newspaper!

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“Nip It” Wins a Silver Medal!

Last night, we found out that “Nip It” won a silver medal in 2014 Dan Poynter’s Global Ebook Awards Contest. It was the first contest we entered and are thrilled that we placed second.

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement during this journey!

You can see us listed in the self-help category:

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A Simple Wave Can Make a Difference

Every interaction we have with people- acquaintances, family or strangers,  has an impact. Do you take the time to reflect on how your actions may affect others? What about a gesture as simple as a wave? Would you think a friendly wave of a hand would leave an impact on people? The following story […]

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What an Accomplishment for Diana Nyad- Find a Way to Make It

Did you follow Diana Nyad’s swim from Cuba to Florida over the weekend? This was the 64 year olds’ fifth attempt at this path. If you haven’t been following her, just do an internet search and you will find lots of articles about her and her trek. She also has a website and a […]

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A Unique Friendship

When I read the following article on, I thought to myself that even dogs have a ‘spective on their situations. This story is about two dogs with disabilities that form a unique relationship.  It is a heartwarming “tail” if you have a few minutes for the read.

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A Yelling Mom Adjusts Her ‘Spective

A friend of mine on Facebook linked to this great blog post by a fellow mom. One day, this blogger mom realized that she was yelling too much at the kids. She decided to adjust her reaction to everyday situations that were causing her to yell. For example, a direct quote from the blog […]

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A Perspective on Going to the Prom Solo

I just stumbled upon this ireport on from a woman who wishes she could have given herself a pep talk 20 years ago before going to her prom solo. It is a unique perspective. If you had decided to go to the prom alone, what would your perspective had been? What would you […]

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What is your ‘spective on your beauty?

This incredible short 3 minute video from Dove Real Beauty Sketches says a lot about how we view ourselves versus how strangers view us. What is your ‘spective on your beauty?  After reflecting on this video, think about how you would describe yourself versus how a stranger may describe you.  Which ‘spective paints a […]

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A Dog’s Perspective

Here is another video clip that you may want to have tissues ready for when you watch. It shows a dog’s perspective on seeing his human mom when she came home from Afghanistan.

Click here for the You Tube Video.


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Compassion and Perserverance turns a negative situation positive

This is a multi-tissue positive story from Hope for Paws. Click on the link below to view the story of Fiona, a blind dog that was rescued from the streets of Los Angeles.

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